PBX Appliances

Clearly IP 710 PBX Appliances

710 PBX appliances are a small yet powerful appliance purposely built for real time communication systems such as PBXs. The PBX 710 Appliance has been tested using FreePBX® with 100 Extensions and 30 calls at less than 50% system resources being used.


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Clearly IP 710 PBX Appliances


Hardware Appliances Specifically Designed for Voice and Real Time Communications.


Preinstalled PBX Options

Can be ordered with the following PBXs preinstalled for you.


710 Appliance Features

  • Ideal for Small to Medium Businesses
  • No moving fans
  • 64 GB SSD
  • 4 GB Memory
  • Quad Core Celeron
  • (x4) 1GB Network Ports
  • 3 USB, 1 VGA and 1 Serial Console Port
  • 2 Year Warranty included
  • Custom Branding Options Available


Clearly IP SIP Trunking

Integration with Clearly IP SIP Trunking

Clearly IP SIP trunking is a simple price based trunking platform for US and Canada customers with powerful feature set for businesses and tight integration when using FreePBX as your PBX.

Simple pricing model and instant signup and real time buying of phone numbers in your rate center.

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Integration with Clearly IP Phones

Clearly IP suites of IP phones can connect with your PBX 710 Appliance to give you a single hardware vendor solution for your phones and PBX appliances.

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