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Our roots can be traced back to 2008 when our Founders formed Schmooze Com Inc. to build a business around a new piece of open-source software that was being developed called FreePBX®. Quickly the company embraced and took a leadership role in the FreePBX project and in 2010 took over as the official sponsor and maintainers of FreePBX.

FreePBX grew and flourished under Schmooze Com to become the world’s largest PBX based on installs worldwide with millions of installs and 20 thousand plus new installs each month.

In 2015 Schmooze Com Inc founders sold the assets including FreePBX to Sangoma Technologies, a publicly-traded TSX.V company. The founders of Schmooze Com Inc took a leadership role from COO down to VP’s and Directors. During the 4 years that our founders were part of the Sangoma Technologies executive team, we helped oversee 6 acquisitions and growth from $16 MIllion a year in revenue to over $100 Million a year.

But all great things come to an end and the itch to start another company became too much for our serial entrepreneurial founders to overcome, so in 2019 we left Sangoma and started Clearly IP to pick up where Schmooze Com left off and take things to the next level in the Telecommunications space.

Currently, we are working on some products and services that will be launched later in 2019 focused on Telecommunications, but we have not forgotten our roots and area of expertise so we also offer custom consulting, support and development around FreePBX and Asterisk-based systems. In the future, we have plans for some products that break out of the Telecommunications space and will be disruptive in other industries like we were in 2010 with FreePBX.