Hosted PBX Systems


Clearly IP Hosted PBXs are based on FreePBX®. We do not believe in a 1 size fits all attitude for pricing and we can customize a Hosted solution to fit your needs and wants.

Common Pricing Options


Per Call Path Fee

Unlimited users and pay per inbound and outbound call you want to receive at anytime.
Example 20 users at $15.00 a month is $300.00 a month

Per User Path Fee

Pay for each extension on the PBX and get unlimited calling to outside numbers and unlimited inbound calling.
Example 100 Users at 0.00 a month and 20 Inbound/Outbound Unlimited Call Paths at 20.00 a month is $400 a month.

Combination Fee

Combination of both per call path fee and per user fee.


  • Our Hosted PBXs have a guaranteed offsite backup service in the event of a complete disaster.
  • Hosted in world class data centers with redundant power, internet and infrastructure.
  • You get full admin rights into the FreePBX GUI to manage all your settings and setup your PBX.
  • Full support for FreePBX Commercial Add ons and can be bundled in your Monthly price you pay us so no Cap Ex expense.
  • Real time monitoring of your PBX and the services running on your PBX
  • Unlimited Support and Setup options available
  • Reuse your existing SIP supported phones or bundle in Clearly IP phones for a monthly fee.
  • Pricing starting at 5 users with unlimited inbound and outbound calling and 5 DIDs with E911starting at 100.00 a month
  • Options to have us manage your PBX including all Adds, Moves and Changes along with initial setup and configuration for your PBX
  • Sizing from 5 Users to 1000 Users or more.
  • PBX spin up in as little as 1 hour from the time of order
  • Contact Sales to receive a quote and learn more about our Hosted PBX offering.