Business Connect


What is Business Connect?

Business Connect is a PBX system for businesses looking to save money without sacrificing call quality or features. When you sign up for our Business Connect service, we will provide you with the PBX and IP Phones for FREE!


Why choose Business Connect over hosted services?

Hosted VoIP is popular because it is easy, not necessarily because it is good.

Business Connect makes running a PBX easy, because we manage the system for you. If you have a problem we fix it for you.

Hosted VoIP systems tend to have lower sound quality than on-premise PBX systems, especially if people on your network are using a lot of bandwidth. The Business Connect system prioritizes VoIP traffic on your network to ensure high call quality.

Business Connect Offers:
  • Greater Quality of Service
  • Corporate Network Firewall Integration
  • Telephone Fraud Protection
  • A variety of Premium Telephone Features


Feature Rich

Business Connect offers over 80 features for your team to utilize in whatever way you see fit. Check out some of our most popular features below.

  • Automated Attendant
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Queuing
  • Call Recording
  • Call Routing
  • Conference Bridging
  • Fax Transmit and Receive
  • Music on Hold
  • Route by Caller ID
  • SMS Messaging


Fraud Protection

VoIP fraud is a major issue in the telecommunications industry today – fortunately, Business Connect has the tools to keep you safe.

  • VectorX – An onsite boarder controller that stops fraud in its tracks.
  • CreditTracker – We monitor your dialing credit and will limit dial cost exposures.
  • FraudBuster – We watch for illegal dialing to known high-cost termination points favored by hackers. We then stop it real-time when it happens.

Additionally, we are so confident in Business Connect’s Fraud Protection services that we offer full user contract indemnification from fraud.

Learn More About Fraud Protection


Service You Can Rely On

Experience true 99.999% up-time. All VoIP services provided by Clearly IP are built on top of our redundant ‘N+ Network’. Designed for reliability, the N+ Network hasn’t experienced a single outage since its introduction in 2009. This means your team can stay focused and productive – even when business gets hectic.

Learn More About The N+ Network


Ready to make the switch to better phone service? Contact sales to get started or learn more.
  • Simple “all you can dial” per seat billing; no hidden fees
  • No limit on DID or Toll Free 800 numbers you can add to the plan
  • FREE PBX and Phone System included with the plan
  • Additional “limited” extensions available at discounted pricing