Take Control of Your VoIP Endpoint Environment

Cloud Device Manager (CDM) from ClearlyIP is a faster approach to endpoint provisioning and management. Provision your communication devices securely with a cloud-based provisioning tool, one which offers connectivity and compatibility to nearly any device with universal compatibility.

The Cloud Device Manager platform allows Telecom Administrators to automate, control, and secure administrative policies on devices such as desk phones, ATAs, and many other devices connected to an organization’s network. CDM is secure, platform-agnostic, fast, and customizable. All that and the ability to handle multi-tenant deployments make CDM a clear choice for any reseller.


Key Benefits

Security - Cloud Device Manager - CDM


Security was a central focus when building CDM. All communications with modern endpoint devices are, by default, encrypted with SSL.

Control - Cloud Device Manager - CDM


Enhanced control of all your deployed devices from one cloud-based interface. If you have a computer and a connection to the internet, you have all you need to manage all your accounts and devices.

Ease of Use - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

Ease of Use

With CDM, you can manage all of your customer accounts and devices from a single intuitive interface, eliminating the need to learn and manage multiple manufacturers’ systems.


CDM Features

Simplified Device Provisioning - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

Simplified Device Provisioning

ClearlyIP’s Cloud Device Manager gives you the control to easily provision endpoint devices via the cloud. With the ability to clone templates and modules, you can implement device management and deployment with unique device layouts.

Unified Endpoint Management - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

Unified Endpoint Management

Offering seamless endpoint management of over 200 different devices from industry-leading phone and device manufacturers. System Administrators can use the CDM GUI interface to quickly provision devices.

Advanced Custom Provisioning - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

Advanced Customization

For each system, user, or type of device, you can create one or more templates that can be used to generate configuration files for total customization. Also, the custom config interface gives you access to thousands of additional settings.

Firmware Management - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

Firmware Management

System Administrators will utilize this product in new and existing system deployments, and it allows users to remotely provision and configure devices along with firmware management.

User Security Management - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

User Security Management

CDM’s security protocols include ensuring all communication to the CDM API is done only over a secure connection. All data is encrypted before it leaves the system, ensuring secure transfers. Combined with client-level authentication, all of these measures mean that in addition to being flexible, CDM offers peace-of-mind security.

Multi-Tenant - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

Multi-Tenant Deployments

Designed to manage multiple systems with one intuitive interface GUI and cross-system compatibility. System administrators overseeing hundreds of systems will improve operations with one simplified way to manage them all.

Powerful Device Control - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

Powerful Device Control

With an in-depth wizard, and the ability to customize precise features and elements, CDM is a powerful configuration utility.

Automation Management - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

Automation Management

Reduce manual management with CDM by auto-connecting to the Cloud Device Manager and feeding the extension information directly, eliminating the need to replicate all the data.

Platform Agnostic - Cloud Device Manager - CDM

Platform Agnostic

With support for over 200 devices from industry-leading manufacturers, you’ll experience flexible and limitless customization for all your deployments.

CDM shield

Protects and Secures
User Resources & Data

CDM doesn’t store config files but generates a config file on demand. Compatible devices will use a secure SSL encrypted provisioning URL to populate the phone’s configuration on-demand. When syncing valuable user data from your FreePBX system, credentials are encrypted before leaving the system. Communication to the CDM API is done only over a secure connection.

Another important security component is client-level authentication, providing a unique name and password. This helps strengthen your security by allowing you to limit credential usage. Usually, when an extension gets compromised, the cause is not properly securing the provisioning information of the device, which CDM takes various measures to ensure does not happen.

cdm gears

How does it work?


CDM is a single-point provisioning tool that improves overall time and customization versus manual provisioning, reducing inefficiencies and errors. CDM won’t save you much time when you’re just provisioning a single phone; however, when you are regularly provisioning deployments, CDM will save you HOURS of time!

The power of CDM really shines when administrators no longer need to know all of the various GUIs from different manufacturers; CDM offers a single interface. You might already be familiar with multiple GUIs. However, every person you add to your team no longer has to learn different platforms, saving time and money by only needing to learn a single program.

One GUI to Rule Them All!

CDM was made FOR admins BY admins. CDM was created to support our own clients, allowing our employees to provision many different devices without learning each individual system.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4

Add or Sync a Location

Administrators create the location for the customer or PBX with outbound proxy and primary host information. Set up of redundancy, codec and feature codes are easily accessible from a tabbed interface.

Cloud Device Manager is designed to work on a per location basis. There are no charges for tenants, resellers or users. Only pay per location. A CDM ‘location’ is created for each unique PBX IP address or fully qualified domain name.

  • General
  • Main
  • Redundancy

Build Your Template

Next, users will select regional/general information and networking to create templates with any unique name the Administrator would like. This allows for naming conventions that can reduce confusion and mistakes.

  • Basic
  • General
  • Regional
  • Phones
  • Review

Add a New Model

Select the manufacturer and phone model. A key benefit of CDM is that you can have multiple model layouts for the same template. A provisioning wizard will walk you through different key functionalities that can be programmed, see the workflow below.

  • Choose Model
  • Required Features
  • Line Keys
  • Horizontal Keys
  • Expansion Modules


Last step is mapping to mesh everything together. While this will take care of 90% of everyday needs. An administrator also has access to ‘Custom Config’ which is helpful with thousands of additional settings. For users that are more advanced, or needing a specific feature, this access allows for bespoke customization. Lastly, if you make an error in the custom config, you can reverse or review your changes with a button click to ‘undo’.

  • Template and Model
  • Mappings



Over 300 Different Devices

From Industry Leading Phone and Device Manufactures

Cloud Device Manager platform allows Telecom Administrators to automate, control, and secure administrative policies on deskphone devices connected to an organization’s network. View the full list of supported devices.

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